Posted on Oct 23, 2018

Powerful Signal

Save BIG MONEY with factory refurbished cell phone signal boosters.

Many people don't know about or don't understand they can save hundreds of dollars when purchasing a weBoost or HiBoost refurbished booster. There are a couple of things to know.

FIRST: Cell signal boosters have been around for years and the major manufacturers produce a rock-solid product. Like any electronic device, there are a few that fail, but for the most part they are returned for a couple of reasons. These boosters are usually scrapped. They are not worth fixing.

SECOND: Cell phone boosters require some type of outside cell signal to work with. Many people are searching for a silver bullet that will save them when they have no signal. They buy a booster, try it, it doesn't work, they return it. The signal environment is the problem not the booster.

THIRD: People don't do their research. They think they will by a booster, plug it in and get a good cell signal. When they get the box, they see the cables and do not want to go through the installation process, so they return it, totally unused.

BOTTOM LINE: There is big money to be saved with refurbished cell signal boosters, and there is a good chance that the unit you buy will be in almost new condition. Also, refurbished units usually come with a manufacturer warranty.

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